Regulatory compliance management

  1. Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Program under AMLD5 (AML/CFT Compliance)
  2. Three lines of defense in Compliance Programs (focused particularly on pharmaceutical industry)
  3. Conflict of interest management in the context of bribery allegations
  4. Criminal, administrative, and civil liability or corporation and managers for forbidden acts (particularly criminal acts)

Fraud risk management in corporate environment

  1. Risk detection and evaluation
  2. Setting risk appetite, risk response plan and implementation
  3. Compliance monitoring
  4. Incident response and whistleblower’s tip handling

Misconduct incident management (forensic investigations)

  1. Investigation planning and execution
  2. People management and fact-finding interviewing (PEACE Model)
  3. Evidence handling
  4. Reporting and follow up management

Other customer tailored training

  1. Although all training is customised for customer needs there is also possibility to deliver any other special purpose tailored training. E.g., False Medicined Directive and serialisation across the EU in fight against counterfeit medicines